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Shramajeevi Agri Films is a visual media production house dedicated for agriculture (www.shramajeevi.com). Basically we produce video documentary films related to farming and other subsidiary activities.

Farmers, agriculture extension workers and all of us normally do not maintain proper contact details of each other. Sometimes a farmer in a village is not aware of an innovative farmer in the very next village, taluka, district or state. This remains same with respect to various organizations, institutes, NGOs, companies, magazines, websites etc. related to farming. Hence we decided to compile all possible contact information, links etc. in a classified manner on this domain.

However this being a service effort, we cannot and do not go for data collection for the same at least for now. We share the data that we have with us. We will make effort to compile as much as we can in the near future. We humbly agree that the data uploaded now is not even 1% of the possible stuff.

The data on this domain is absolutely free for all. You can also contribute to this database by adding the contacts known to you for mutual benefits.

We hope you all, working for the betterment of agriculture will make use of it and enrich with your contribution.

-Team Shramajeevi.

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